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Cases Won

Andrew B Howie


In re Marriage of Aronow, 2007 WL 2004709 (Iowa Ct. App., July 12, 2007) - won mother custody of her children after she lost at trial.

In re Marriage of Nelson, 2003 WL 1970399 (Iowa Ct. App., Apr. 30, 2003) - won father custody of his child after he lost at trial in a modification case.

In re Marriage of Amenell, 2007 WL 2257082 (Iowa Ct. App., Aug. 08, 2007) - won mother custody of her child after she lost at trial.

In re Marriage of Cordes, 2003 WL 21921263 (Iowa Ct. App., Aug. 13, 2003) - won father sole custody of his children after trial court ordered a shared physical care arrangement.

In re Marriage of Stoos, 2006 WL 3313954 (Iowa Ct. App., Nov. 16, 2006) - won mother custody of her child after she lost in a modification trial.


In re Marriage of McReynolds, 2009 WL 4119700 (Iowa Ct. App., Nov. 25, 2009) - successfully reversed trial court's unfair property division to husband when applying prenuptial agreement.

In re Marriage of Hoakison, 2004 WL 2168430 (Iowa Ct. App., Sep. 29, 2004) - obtained more money for wife on appeal when trial entered unfair property division

In re Marriage of Sullins, 715 N.W.2d 242 (Iowa 2006) - successfully protected client's property award, trial attorney fee award, and denial of college expenses


In re Marriage of Sisson, 843 N.W.2d 866 (Iowa 2014) - reversed trial court's increase is alimony and substantially lowered the amount client had to pay.

In re Marriage of Angier, 2009 WL 3337642 (Iowa Ct. App., Oct. 7, 2009) - reversed trial court's low alimony award and increased amount for client.

In re Marriage of Schactner, 2009 WL 2170240 (Iowa Ct. App., July 22, 2009) - won alimony for client on appeal when trial court denied all alimony.

In re Marriage of Powell, 2008 WL 4308223 (Iowa Ct. App., Sep. 17, 2008) - reversed trial court and substantially lowered alimony and child support obligation for client in a modification case

In re Marriage of Burgett, 2004 WL 1836116 (Iowa Ct. App., Aug. 11, 2004) - substantially lowered client's alimony obligation

In re Marriage of Davidson, 2002 WL 535321 (Iowa Ct. App., Apr. 10, 2002) - won alimony for client on appeal when trial court denied all alimony


In re Marriage of Peck, 2005 WL 3147946 (Iowa Ct. App., Nov. 23, 2005) - reversed trial court's order for client to pay ex-wife's attorney fees in contempt case


Robinson v. First American Title Ins. Co., 2008 WL 2514019 (Iowa Ct. App., June 25, 2008) - reversed trial court's decision to extinguish mortgage holder's lien


Skow v. Goforth, 618 N.W.2d 275 (Iowa 2000) - successfully defended trial court's decision to allow client to build a fence in an easement dispute


Kimberley v. Iowa Dept. of Transp., 2002 WL 1758260 (Iowa Ct. App., July 31, 2002) - reversed trial court's dismissal of landowner's case to stop land condemnation by State


Shams v. Hassan, 829 N.W.2d 848 (Iowa 2013) - reversed both trial court and court of appeals to reinstate a dismissed case on client's contract dispute.

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